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Apparel News - July 2006 Issue

Stylophane Offers Web Sales Analytics

Stylophane, known for its Apparel Brand Popularity Search Index, has developed the
Stylophane Sales Analytics Tool (SSA) for real-time reporting of online sales data.

SSA offers advanced e-mail segmentation tools designed to help companies improve their
understanding of customer behavior in order to act on information to drive more sales.
Companies can use SSA to generate e-mail lists from different sales reports so that they can
target specific states, products or categories for promotions, reward loyal
customers and
identify buyer groups for new products.

A sale summary report provided important daily sales information at a glance, including
comparisons to sales in previous weeks and months. Sales reports provide clear product
names and thumbnail images so that decision-makers can easily recognize which products
are best sellers and which are under-performing, Stylophane reported.

The cost of using the tool starts at $79 per month, and a free 30-day trial is available via the
web site below.

>> for more information - 415-351-1976