Case Studies - Facebook Success Stories

Stylophane increases both Facebook fan growth and engagement.

Facebook Winning Results
Revolve Clothing maintained a nearly flat Fan base as well as a flat engagement rate. Stylophane was retained in July – and as clearly illustrated below – Stylophane micro-targeted and managed Facebook Ad campaigns not only increased fan growth but also increased engagement rates by up to 300%. People ‘Liking Posts’ increased from 200 to 14,000 per month. Such success was not possible using all other engagement efforts – including Facebook Advertising attempts without Stylophane management.

Facebook Winning Results
Saucony retained Stylophane in January. Again, not only did the Saucony fan growth radically increase, but so did engagement rates. This is also reflected in the increase of ‘Post-Likes’. Prior to hiring Stylophane, Saucony was getting around 200 – 1,000 ‘Post-Likes’ monthly. In April 2013 they received 23,000 Post Likes. It is only when someone ‘engages’ with your posts by ‘liking’ them – do your messages get ‘virally disseminated’ to their friends. The Facebook metric ‘Reach’ for Saucony in April was 3.4 Million compared to 69K prior to Stylophane management.
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