PressIn the News | Press Releases - January 19, 2006 News makes a new Alliance is actively looking for E-Commerce tools and
Products they can bring to their clients and Stylophane is
one of the new alliances they have just completed.

Module Stylophane
Is there a tool that will allow us to get quick detailed Shopping Reports
without having to wait for our IT person to generate it?

I have other tools and what makes this different from my other analytics? This is a tool that
your executives and marketing managers can use with ShopSite to at a glance accurately see
what your buyers are doing.

It is yet one more way of finding out what your Online buyers are doing, the dollars they
spend, and on what.

80% of the managers are incorrect when they suggest what their top sellers are.

This system identifies your top sellers and more at a click of a button. I suggest you take the
30 day demo.

You are not obilgated to demo this in any way. No Credit Cards are collected upon Sign-Up.
We are that confident you will immediately benefit from this system.


Eric Kirkhuff / Technical Sales of