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The Independent (RelaxNews - French-Europe) - March 30, 2010
Weekly Facebook fashion index: these labels are good sports


From 'skater heads' to 'sneaker freaks,' sporty enthusiasts' fashion becomes more than just clothing, and labels are worn religiously. But which sportswear brand is the most popular on Facebook?

A good look at the Stylophane Facebook Fashion Index reveals: following the 'classics' (Adidas, Nike, Puma, in descending order), it is mainly skate- and snowboard as well as surfer brands that get fans' pulses racing - "QUIKSILVER IS LIFE!!!" is just one example of the raving comments community members leave on the brands' Facebook profiles.

It is also striking how all of these brands have a broader following than prominent luxe labels including Yves Saint Laurent (284,012 fans) or Dior (187,904).

Here are this week's most-followed sportswear labels and their growth rates

1) Adidas (+11%, 2,680,585 fans)
2) Nike (+5.5%, 2,009,930 fans)
3) Puma (+3.52%, 1,467,640 fans)
4) Lacoste (+4.83%, 1,300,917 fans)
5) Abercrombie and Fitch (new, 945,341 fans)
6) Hollister Co. (new, 489,411 fans)
7) Roxy (+8.46%, 394,461 fans)
8) Volcom (+7.52%, 393,055 fans)
9) Billabong (+5.64%, 291,825 fans)
8) Quiksilver (+6.25%, 289,079 fans)

Divided into four categories (Platinum: more than 100,000 fans, Gold : 10,000 - 100,000, Silver: 1,000 - 10,000, Bronze: 10 - 1,000), Stylophane's rankings are updated daily (and expressed in graphs), and new brands can be added upon request.