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Retail-Jeweller.com, James Knowles - April 20, 2010
Jewellers cash in on Facebook advertising

Jewellers are cashing in on free advertising opportunities on Facebook in a bid to lure younger customers.

Jewellery brands and retailers have been quick to act on the trend towards advertising on social networking sites, including Facebook and Twitter, realising the potential for drawing in younger customers and the lure of free advertising.

Limerick-based Matthew Stephens jewellers has been taking advantage of the social networking site, advertising promotions and new products online. Owner Matt Ryan said that Facebook has been a great way of attracting new customers. He said: “The benefit for us is that we stock nearly every fashion brand. Younger customers connect with these brands, so we’ve been able to make them aware of promotions online and get them into the store. Facebook is a great, cost-effective way of advertising and marketing, reaching out to younger audiences, mostly in their twenties, and planting the seed for future purchases.”

Robert Tateossian, owner of the five-strong jewellery chain Tateossian, agreed that the website was a great way of communicating directly with customers and receiving feedback on jewellery lines. The Tateossian page currently has 861 fans and there are plans to develop it further to attract new followers. Tateossian said, “We are soon to introduce a Tateossian blog that will also be launched on Facebook. Since I travel 80% of the year I will be able to share the beautiful and interesting places I am going to gain inspiration for my jewellery lines and give fans an insight into my lifestyle.

Retailers can now also check up on rivals and see how they are performing on the site via the new Stylophane Faceboox Fashion Index. Stylophane, a fashion indexing organisation, launched the index in February, to measure the number of fans signed up to each brand. In March a retailers category, Twitter followers information and a social feed feature were added. On April 12 a filter was introduced, allowing potential customers to search for sales and promotions.

Stylophane CEO Alex Mendoza said that since an initial survey in February of 1000 businesses revealed that 60% did not have a Facebook fan-page, the figure has dramatically shot up as companies are realising the importance of social-networking sites.

Tiffany & Co is currently riding-high in the top 20 retailers category with 355,195 fans. Jewellery and watch brand Storm has also attracted 2,367 fans with regular updates and a ‘get the look’ feature, showing celebrities wearing the products. Jewellery category manager Rupal Pattni said: “We see the social networking sites as an additional media format for the younger market not as a substitute, in which they can interact with the brand in an environment they frequent and are comfortable with."

More info can be found at http://stylophane.com/fbi