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The Independent independent.co.uk (RelaxNews) - March 27, 2010
Weekly Facebook fashion index: overestimated hipster brands

There are fashion labels that journalists tend to write a lot about, even though their attributed importance doesn't seem to be justified by their sales or awareness level. However up to now, it's been difficult to prove this.

But now there's Stylophane's Facebook Fashion Index, and digging long enough brings about some shocking insights as to who really matters and who doesn't, at least when measured by the world's most successful social networking site. Here are the ten most overrated hipster labels we could find.

For comparison: even the world's ugliest shoe brand, Crocs, managed to lure in more than 80,000 fans. The world's second ugliest, Ugg, has more than 300,000.

1) PPQ: shows at London Fashion Week, hosts notorious parties, 'PPQ fashion' turns out almost two million results on Google, but: only 996 fans on Facebook

2) Jerome Dreyfuss: husband of the uber-hip designer Isabel Marant, just opened a boutique next to hers in New York's SoHo neighborhood, which caused editors worldwide to frenetically write about his handbags, but: only 935 fans on Facebook

3) Mark Fast: one of the most-hyped London designers of the moment, caused a big stir by putting plus-size models on his catwalk, released a more affordable line called Faster, but: only 827 fans on Facebook

4) Lutz and Patmos: frequently written about due to its celebrity collaborations including one with actress Kirsten Dunst, but: only 823 fans on Facebook

5) Vanessa Bruno: if it's not Isabel Marant, it's Vanessa Bruno, seen as the epitome of Parisian effortless elegance, but: only 688 fans on Facebook

6) Carlos Miele: praised for his collection last New York fashion week, but: only 527 fans on Facebook

7) Meadham Kirchhoff: one of London's most fashion-forward labels, the duo moved several editors to tears with their collections in the past, but: only 326 fans on Facebook

8) Peter Pilotto: recently dressed stars including Amanda Seyfried at red carpet events, but: only 285 fans on Facebook

9) Robert Clergerie: French shoe staple, but: only 227 fans on Facebook

10) Twenty8Twelve: -1 fan. Yes, that's the one that was co-founded by Sienna Miller.

The only label seemingly fit for this below-1000 category is: So Low (822 fans).

More info can be found at http://stylophane.com/fbi