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The Independent independent.co.uk (RelaxNews - French-Europe) - May 4, 2010
Facebook beauty brands: the beauty hall of shame

Just like there are fashion brands that don't seem to have reached expert level in social networking - PPQ and Vanessa Bruno, who both have below 1,000 fans, are just two examples - there are also beauty labels that are constantly talked about in the media but don't succeed in attracting followers.

How can that be? Brands featured on our list, such as Go Smile or StriVectin rank high on retailers' bestseller lists. Have they lost their glamorous image due to their constant appearance on discount and sample sale sites?

That, however, wouldn't apply to Tweezerman, which in the past collaborated with designers including Agatha Ruiz de la Prada for a more exclusive appeal and still ended up in the Bronze category (brands with less than 1,000 fans) of Stylophane's Facebook Index.

As for brands such as Sevin Nyne and Prescriptives, the answer seems simple: Sevin Nyne founder Lindsay Lohan has recently made more negative headlines than anything else, and Estée Lauder pulled the plug on its Prescriptives range earlier this year (even though products are still distributed via prescriptives.com in the US while stocks last).

Promotions seem to be the solution: all labels that are successful 'networkers' appear in Stylophane's 'Promo Filter,' posting giveaways, contests, and special sales. And it probably helps if you're not associated with bushy eyebrows, pale skin, or yellow teeth when posting a beauty brand on your profile.

Here are some of the lowest-ranking labels:

1) Go Smile (147 fans)
2) Silk'n (252 fans)
3) MD Skincare (468 fans)
4) Kinerase (469 fans)
5) Tweezerman (499 fans)
6) Sevin Nyne (663 fans)
7) StriVectin (810 fans)
8) DuWop (1,202 fans)
9) Prescriptives (1,310 fans)
10) La Mer (1,476 fans)

More info on beauty brands on Facebook can be found at http://stylophane.com/fbi