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The Independent (RelaxNews - French-Europe) - Jan 4, 2011
Facebook fashion retail: American Eagle soars, Victoria's Secret stays on top

A look at the top retail brands on Facebook according to brand ranking sites and on January 4.

This week's comparison between the fashion-orientated Stylophane Facebook rankings and the more general category of "retail" on show several changes. American Eagle performed strongly, Converse and Victoria's Secret retained the top spots and Nike Football entered in tenth position.

American Eagle climbed three places to reach sixth position in this week's charts. The casual clothing brand recently announced plans to expand into Japan by 2012 after opening its first stores outside of North America in Dubai and Kuwait earlier this year. The brand also partnered with Concern Worldwide US to raise funds to rebuild schools in Hati.

In the Fanpagelist rankings, new entry Nike Football debuted in tenth position. The brand is best known by sports enthusiasts for its sporting apparel and casual wear.

The top ten brands under the category "retail" according to and are:

Stylophane / retailer

Fanpagelist / retail

01. Victoria's Secret (no change)

01.Converse All Star (no change)

02. Zara  (no change)

02. Victoria's Secret (no change)

03. H&M (no change)

03. Converse (no change)

04. Hollister (no change)

04. PlayStation (+3)

05. Forever 21 (no change)

05. Zara (no change)

06. American Eagle (+3)

06. Victoria's Secret Pink (no change)

07. Aeropostale  (-1)

07. Adidas Originals (+1)

08. Abercrombie and Fitch (-1)

08. H&M (+1)

09. Kohls  (-1)

09. Xbox (+1)

10. Hot Topic (no change)

10. Nike Football (new entry)  

All data recorded Tuesday, January 4.

To view Stylophane's Facebook Fashion Index: