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The Independent (RelaxNews - French-Europe) - Jan 19, 2011
Facebook fashion retail: Russe enters charts, Converse stay top

A look at the top fashion brands on Facebook according to brand ranking sites and on January 18.

Consistently popular Facebook fashion brands Converse, Burberry and DC Shoes remain in strong positions in both of this week's charts, while American brand Charlotte Russe debuts in fifth position on the Famecount rankings.

The American retailer Charlotte Russe sells casual clothing aimed at women aged 14-35 under the labels Charlotte Russe, Refuge and blu chic. The brand ships all items (apart from fragrances) ouside of the US to Canada, Mexico and some outlying territories; see for more details.

This week's Stylophane charts have stayed static, with sports brands still popular and global denim brand Levi's at the bottom of the charts in tenth position, while Converse, the brand synonymous with alternative music and street culture, remains in top position in both the Stylophane and Famecount charts.

The top ten brands in terms of "fans today" under the category "fashion" according to and are:

Stylophane / fashion *
01. Converse
02. Adidas
03. Nike Football
04. Lacoste
05. Burberry
06. Puma
07. Gucci
08. DC Shoes
09. Chanel
10. Levi's

Famecount / fashion **
01. Converse
02. Burberry
03. DC Shoes 04. Victoria's Secret
05. Charlotte Russe
06. American Eagle Outfitters
07. Lacoste
08. Vans
09. Converse All Star
10. Zara

All data recorded Tuesday, January 18.

*Stylophane ( ranks brands under several categories including fashion, retailers and footwear. The website provides daily updates on brands' total number of fans.

**Famecount ( ranks brands, celebrities and politicians according to the number of daily/monthly/total Facebook and/or Twitter fans/followers each receives.

To view Stylophane's Facebook Fashion Index: