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The Independent (RelaxNews - French-Europe) - Jan 26, 2011
Social media fashion index: mass beats class

A look at the top fashion brands on Facebook according to brand ranking sites and on January 25.

Mass retailers including Victoria's Secret, Zara, H&M, and Forever21 are ousting high-fashion labels like Burberry from their top ten positions on Famecount.

Meanwhile, shoe brands are still leading the pack on Stylophane's Facebook fashion index, with Converse, Adidas, and Nike occupying all three top spots.

The top ten brands in terms of "fans today" under the category "fashion" according to and are:

Stylophane / fashion *
01. Converse
02. Adidas 03. Nike Football
04. Lacoste
05. Burberry
06. Puma
07. Gucci
08. DC Shoes
09. Chanel
10. Levi's

Famecount / fashion **
01. Victoria's Secret
02. Victoria's Secret Pink
03. Zara
04. Adidas Originals
05. H&M
06. Lacoste
08. Threadless
09. DC Shoes
10. Forever21

All data recorded Tuesday, January 25.

*Stylophane ( ranks brands under several categories including fashion, retailers and footwear. The website provides daily updates on brands' total number of fans.

**Famecount ( ranks brands, celebrities and politicians according to the number of daily/monthly/total Facebook and/or Twitter fans/followers each receives.

To view Stylophane's Facebook Fashion Index: