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Women's Wear Daily (WWD) - August 4, 2011
Levi Strauss & Co. Leads Denim Brands in Facebook 'Likes'
By Arnold J. Karr

A little more than two years after establishing a presence on Facebook, Levi Strauss & Co. has left behind the notion of "a small circle of friends."

Levi’s concluded July with more than 6.2 million Facebook "likes," more than five times the number-two denim brand (Guess, with 1.2 million) and identical to the sum of the 90 other denim brands monitored, according to figures compiled by Stylophane Inc., the social media and Internet marketing firm that maintains daily records of Facebook and Twitter activity. The consolidation of numerous Levi’s branded sites, coupled with organic growth, gave Levi's a 1.6 million, or 35 percent, increase over the 4.6 million likes garnered by the San Francisco-based firm’s flagship brand in June. The July 2010 figure stood at 517,000.

A Levi’s spokeswoman noted that the firm has focused on "giving our fans engaging content and applications that strike a chord with their passion for change," including the Water > Less initiative designed to cut water consumption.

Alex Mendoza, a partner at Stylophane, pointed out that while Levi's rapid growth has put it in uncharted territory among denim brands, it is far from the top of Facebook's fashion phenomena. Five other fashion brands — led by Converse, followed by Adidas, Nike Football, Burberry and Lacoste — are "liked" by more Facebook users, with their end-of-the-month likes ranging from Converse’s 20.3 million to Lacoste’s 6.24 million.

"There are only nine brands with more than 5 million 'likes' in fashion and footwear," Mendoza noted, "and the majority are footwear firms. There are none in the beauty or jewelry-watch categories at all."

However, at the end of last month there were seven fashion brands in retailing over the 5 million mark — from Victoria's Secret (at 14.7 million) to American Eagle Outfitters Inc. (at 5 million), with Aéropostale Inc. just beneath it.

To view Stylophane's Facebook Fashion Index: