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Footwear News (Online) - December 8, 2011
Footwear Brands Flush With Facebook Fans
By Jacquelyn Lewis

Footwear brands are dominating Facebook when it comes to garnering fans and interactivity on fashion pages, according to interactive marketing agency Stylophane, which tracks the numbers monthly, via its "Facebook Fashion Index."

Converse and Adidas took the first and second spots every month in 2011 (including December so far), with 21 million and 11 million "likes" to date, respectively, while Nike Football, DC Shoes and Puma have also held their own in the top ten.

"It's pretty amazing," said Stylophane partner Alex Mendoza. "It's clear that footwear is the No. 1 subset in fashion [according to the Facebook Fashion Index], and it's a constant topic of discussion."

He noted that footwear tends to outperform other categories on Facebook in a big way. For example, the top jewelry brand, Swarovski, has 2 million people who "like" its page, which pales in comparison to Converse's tally. "Jewelry and the beauty industry lag way behind," Mendoza said.

He added that footwear brands also tend to be top performers when it comes to social media engagement rates (such as facebook users commenting on and "liking" individual posts on the brands' pages), with powerhouse labels including Christian Louboutin and Yves Saint Laurent scoring high.

"Facebook works well for [companies that have customers] who are passionate about their brands," Mendoza said, "and people are more passionate about footwear than any other part of their clothing."

Stylophane's Facebook Fashion Index:

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