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BW Confidential - No. 14 - May-June 2013
The importance of being liked
How can beauty brands better harness the power of Facebook?

By Namoi Marcoulet

Ever since Facebook revolutionized the power of word of mouth, the emphasis on being "liked" has never been so great. "Facebook, with over one billion users, is an excellent option for marketers of products that benefit from 'word of mouth', and 'personal recommendation', such as beauty," points out Alex Mendoza, partner at digital marketing services company, Stylophane. "Nearly every potential beauty consumer has a Facebook page and the vast majority use it several times daily," he continues.

However, compared to the fashion industry, beauty is a laggard in Facebook marketing. Among the 3,00 brands that are tracked by Stylophane, 100 fashion brands enjoy a base of over one million fans, while in beauty only 18 have such a following. "Fan acquisition is essential," says Mendoza. "Many brands are impressed when they reach 10,000 or 20,000. However, in social media these numbers are considered quite small for effective marketing."