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Los Angeles Times - March 10, 2010
All The Rage:
Facebook index tracks fans of footwear, denim and cosmetic brands

Back in February, we told you about Stylophane, the San Francisco-based online marketing firm whose own marketing strategy included launching a Facebook Fashion Fan Index that monitored the sizes of and changes in approximately 700 fashion brands' Facebook fan bases. We don't know if it's landed the firm any clients, but it's certainly provided us endless hours of SFW online entertainment.

Wednesday morning, Stylophane announced that its index can now filter results into three sub-categories -- jeans, footwear and cosmetics, an improvement which makes a whole lot more sense (and has the potential to burn up a whole lot more of your free time) because the battle for social media eyeballs is more helpful framed in an apples-to-apples context.

Not surprisingly, Adidas, which has boasted the most Facebook fans of all the fashion brands on the list since the index started keeping track in December, was at the top of the list in Wednesday's footwear ranking, with nearly 2.5 million fans, but Sigerson Morrison takes top honors in rate of growth for March, swelling its Facebook fan base more than 35% -- to 141 people.

In the denim department, Diesel (which ranked 23rd of all the fashion brands indexed) holds the top spot in jeans, and Chanel is the most popular in cosmetics.

That these three brands are at the top of their respective categories is interesting for two reasons. First, there's obviously some overlap in product categories that skew a direct comparison -- Diesel sells fragrance and footwear, Chanel's fan base is built on more than a love of its foundation, and Adidas has a toehold in the deodorant and body wash business.

The other thing that's noteworthy? All three of those global brands hail from Europe; Adidas is headquartered in Germany, Chanel in Paris, and Diesel in Italy. What does it mean? Maybe there's something behind it -- involving approaches to social media, marketing and branding, perhaps. Or maybe, if we started digging into it, we'd find it's a coincidence that means nothing at all.

But the point is, it only took a couple of (free) clicks to get there.

Stylophane Facebook Fashion Index

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