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WWD - May 22, 2008 Issue

On the Denim Hunt
The 10 most-searched-for denim brands online during April 2008.

Tough economic times appear to mean one thing for major denim brands - expansion. From
opening their own stores across the globe to display all their offerings to introducing new
product categories, firms are pressing aggressively to raise their profiles and capture
consumers' attentions. San Francisco-based, an e-commerce and marketing
firm, has provided the most-searched-for denim brands online during the month of April 2008.
The firm tracks the number of times each brand was entered into search engines, such as Another great publicity tool for brands: celebrities. Many of the names below
have dedicated celeb followings, thanks to the usage of famous faces in their ad campaigns.
- Cecily Hall

SOURCE:; each search term is taken directly from the source.